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Fiberglass Fence Post

Throughout the world, people are increasingly using electric fencing systems to protect their gardens, ponds and vegetable plots,or to contain pets and keep wild animals away from expensive bowling greens and golf club greens.


However,these systems all have to rely on good ground rods especially in moist, unfrozen earth conditions for safety.Fiberglass Rod Posts shall be the best choice of the posts for both portable and permanent fencing because of their self-insulation.


Fiberglass Fence Posts for electrical fence system is made by pultrusion process with glass fiber and UV based polyester resin,which can reach very high strength, good insulation and durability property .

And it causes the following benefits:

Maintenance Free:

★Will not rot

★Will not rust

★Will not crack due to cold or hot weather


★Cannot cause a short

★Eliminate insulators forever


★Flex upon impact

★Over 2 times the strength of equivalent steel

Easy to Install:

★Lightweight- 1/4 the weight of steel • Pointed tip drive easily


Cost Effective:

★SAVE: eliminates replacing damaged insulators

★SAVE: eliminates tracking down shorts at the post

★SAVE: eliminates realigning tilted or replacing rotted or rusted posts

★SAVE: faster, easier installations and can be installed by machine

Save time, money, and headaches!

★No more unreliable insulators.

Fiberglass cannot cause a short!

★Over hundred thousands of continuous glass fibers in each post for superior strength.

★The post flexes without weakening and back to original position.

Fiberglass Fence Post Fiberglass Post
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