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The main purpose of our driveway markers is that you are able 
to see your driveway at night or in poor driving conditions.

fiberglass snow stake fiberglass driveway marker

Fiberglass reflective driveway markers are made from sturdy fiberglass allowing them to withstand severe weather conditions without damage. Unlike most other driveway markers, they are flexible enough to bend and return to their original position,more forgiving if struck and less likely to damage a car's bumper or paint job.

❉ Our fiberglass has been engineered with the most durable combinations of fibers

❉ No warping

❉ No florescent painting required

❉ No splitting from hammering

❉ Not easily broken

❉ Lightweight and easy to move

❉ Requires less storage space

❉ Fractional replacement costs

❉ Easy and less time spent on ground installation

fiberglass snow stake fiberglass driveway marker
fiberglass snow stake fiberglass driveway marker

Popular sizes of fiberglass driveway marker

❉Diameter:1/4"  5/16"  3/8"  12mm  1/2"

❉Length:4ft 5ft 6ft 7ft

❉Color:Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue...

❉8" Reflective Tape

❉Pointed Tip

❉Pvc Cap

More fiberglass Snow Stake Reflective Driveway Marker pictures

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