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Plants might indeed survive the weather independently, whereas others require assistance to stand up and thrive. The primary goal of staking, whether they are trees, plants, vegetables, or flowers, is to provide support. The fiberglass stake is the ideal stake for your trees because it outlasts conventional stakes.

fiberglass stake fiberglass rod

Nowadays, electric fencing is not only used by farmers and landowners to protect crops and livestock, or to create paddocks and strip grazing, but also by a growing number of non-agricultural users.

fiberglass fence post

1.1m length x 9.5mm dia. with black rubber handle.
Ideal for stock control, animal handling and training or as a colourful, lightweight walking stick.Various colours available

fiberglass cattle stick walking stick

Fiberglass Rod is a composite material with unique characteristics making it useful in a wide variety of applications. Most rods are composed of polyester resin and fiberglass. These composites can be formed into practically any shape by using the pultrusion process.

Fiberglass rod

Raw Material: Carbon fiber rod
Material:100% carbon fiber.Epoxy resin
Techniques: Pultrusion


carbon fiber rod

The main purpose of our driveway markers is that you are able to see your driveway at night or in poor driving conditions. The driveway markers will guide a driver lights along a driveway safely and with confidence, lighting the path to your house, even along a sidewalk to your house.

fiberglass snow stake driveway marker

They provide a mechanical connection between slabs but allow for horizontal contraction and expansion of the slab itself

Fiberglass Dowel Bars Retaining Wall Pins

We provides 9.5mm and 10mm dia. Fiberglass curtain wands with stainless steel clips or plastic clips in different lengths.

Fiberglass Curtain Pull Baton

Solid carbon fiber rods are especially stiff and lightweight. They consist of unidirectionally-oriented carbon fibers run through a resin bath to make them extremely strong longitudinally – our customers often use them to replace metal in harsh environments or situations in which weight and strength are important factors.

carbon fiber rod

Fiberglass Tube Fiberglass Pipe

Our FRP Pultruded Tube is produced using the pultrusion process, which allows us to customize the tube according to your specifications.  Pultrusion material is easier to design with, longer lasting and a safer product for the end user than other materials, like steel and aluminum.

fiberglass tube frp tube
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