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These solid Fiberglass Rods are extremely strong while maintaining a seamless surface finish.

These solid fiberglass rods are made using the pultrusion process. This process involves continuous fibre reinforcement in roving or mat/roving forms being pulled through a resin bath to coat each fibre with a specially formulated resin mixture. The coated fibres are then drawn through a heated steel die. Cure of the thermosetting resin is initiated by heat in the die and catalyst in the resin mix. The resulting high strength fibreglass rod is then cut to length and ready to use as it leaves the pultrusion machine.

Solid Fibreglass Rod Properties:

 Lightweight/lower density: 25% of steel & 65% of aluminum
★ High strength: high tensile & flexural strength kilo for kilo they are stronger than steel
★ Superior dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures
★ Electrical insulation
★ Thermal insulation
★ Corrosion resistance
★ Electromagnetic transparency
★ Consistent cross section
★ Custom lengths, widths and colours can be ordered.


These fibreglass rods can be used in a number of applications in the agriculture, viticulture and horticulture sectors including:

★ Electric fence posts
★ Garden stakes
★ Vine stakes
★ Tree supports
★ Mechanical harvesting rods - used on grape pickers, berry pickers etc
★ Tunnel house supports/cloches.
★ Cattle sticks
★ Reflective driveway markers
The solid fiberglass rods are lightweight, UV stabilised, extremely strong and quick and easy to install.

They are lightweight, flexible and very strong, non- conductive and non-corrosive and are available in a wide range of colours.

fiberglass rod fiberglass stake
fiberglass rod toy
fiberglass snow stake driveway marker

  Tree Support  

  Reflective Snow Stake  

  Pet Toy  

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